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Since 2002, Accredit Solutions has helped venue security and event management teams to improve operational efficiencies and process accreditation for over six million workers and participants at some of the best known political, sporting and live events in the world. We are honoured to have worked on world cups, premier league football and national rugby matches, cricket tests and major ceremonies, festivals and awards. DO YOU ALWAYS KNOW WHO IS IN YOUR VENUE OR EVENT? We can tell you. Illegal workers, terrorist groups, fraudulent activity and increasingly, the Insider Threat, mean it has never been more important to understand who is in your venue or event. Whether you need a way to profile day-to-day access for one hundred workers or manage efficient access for one million visitors, the Accredit Platform is self-managed, fully scalable and integrates with existing access control systems and technology platforms to provide a highly efficient way to protect your venue, event and members of the public. SECTORS WE SPECIALISE IN: Stadiums | Sporting events and tournaments | Government and political events | Live events and festivals

Acta makes it faster and easier for local governments to respond to inquiries and resolve repetitive customer service requests. Acta’s software-as-a-solution enhances the email workflow within an agency with tools to auto-compose responses, develop an internal knowledge-base, and streamline coordination between staff. The solution has proven effective at dramatically increasing productivity and response times within support-oriented agencies such as permitting and licensing departments. We currently help local governments serve over 8M citizens across 9 states.

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Aledade is a primary care physician platform to provide everything the doctors to create and run an Accountable Care Organization. Aledade partners with independent, primary care physicians to provide everything the doctors need to create and run an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) from business and practice transformation services to upfront capital and a cutting-edge technology platform. The company customized solutions and continuous, on-the-ground support of our physician partners will help doctors in all types of communities across America preserve their autonomy, deliver better care to their patients, reduce overall costs, and keep independent physician practices flourishing. Adelade was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, United States.

The American Underground is a Google for Startups Tech Hubs and home to 250+ startups, investors, university offices, and more. With 3 campuses and a national virtual community, the American Underground is "the startup hub of the South" (CNBC).

Arpio protects and eliminates downtime for AWS applications by making it easy to recover from any outage in just a few minutes. Founded by Doug Neumann and Shaw Terwilliger in 2018 and is based in Durham, North Carolina, United States.

Leveraging finance to build a just and resilient economy  Croatan Institute is an independent, nonprofit research and action institute. Our mission is to build social equity and ecological resilience by leveraging finance to create pathways to a just e...

CureMint empowers dental organizations with a cloud-based source-to-pay platform that manages their entire procurement lifecycle in one easy-to-use place. CureMint’s Procure module delivers a streamlined ordering experience that office staff will love while arming managers with the tools necessary to gain full control and visibility across their organization. CureMint’s Pay module removes the costly blindspots that exist between procurement and accounts payable departments by removing silos and streamlining invoicing and other A/P processes.

LCMS+ is the only all-in-one, enterprise solution that lets you manage your entire educational program on a single platform. From course management to calendars, from curriculum mapping to assessment, from patient encounter tracking to attendance, lotteries, room scheduling and more - LCMS+ allows you to manage your entire educational program on a single platform. Designed to address the inefficiencies and knowledge gaps that result from using multiple systems, LCMS+ offers the most fully-integrated enterprise solution available today.

The Direct Supply family of companies cares for every critical area of Senior Living, providing everything from equipment and eCommerce to design, industry advocacy and more. We’ve operated our Milwaukee-based, employee-owned company for over 25 years under the core values of quality, excellence and integrity. Direct Supply’s mission is to enhance the lives of America’s seniors through our commitment to Senior Living.

Operator of a micro-utility energy company intended to bring economic, social and environmental benefits to local communities around the world. The company uses agricultural wastes into productive inputs to create jobs, produce electricity, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve soil quality, thereby providing users with an energy production process that is carbon neutral, producing little to no harmful air emissions and create new economic opportunities for small communities.

At flyExclusive their mission is to provide high quality, safe and reliable point to point private jet travel at industry leading levels of affordability, accessibility and client satisfaction. Their growing, modern fleet of company owned Cessna Citation aircraft along with state of the art 24/7 flight operations and customer service are designed to ensure we meet this mission. With Fortune 500 experience and decades as operators, innovators and pioneers in point to point pricing the flyExclusive leadership team shares one singular focus… you! They look forward to serving you on your next flight.

Galatea Associates is a highly focused boutique software consulting firm specializing in providing strategic solutions for Wall Street broker-dealers. Founded in 1997, we currently have offices in Boston, London, Durham, and Tampa Bay and we are continuing to grow rapidly. Galatea fosters a culture of collaboration and excellence. We emphasize the business domain and employ technology to solve challenging problems that manage Wall Street risk. In addition to working on some of Wall Street’s most challenging problems, we also like to take a step back and partake in many firm sponsored activities, including a monthly pub crawl, volunteer activities, and office parties celebrating every holiday! More than anything, we pride ourselves on ownership and delivery, and our people prove this year after year. Our Core Values * Ownership * Intellectual Curiosity * Diversity of Thought * Direct and Open Communication * Mutual Respect * Team-Based Client- Focused Delivery